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177 Greeson St.
Summerville, GA 30747


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I remember seeing an entire wall of Howard Finster pieces for the first time like it was yesterday. It was actually 30 years ago. Howard Finster’s ability to blend the icons of popular culture and the icons of Christianity were very compelling then and they still are to this day.

The first Howard Finster original I bought was “The Desert Taxi, Camel”. I didn’t realize that day, but soon thereafter, that I would want an Art Museum for my Howard Finster collection. It couldn’t have turned out more perfectly that I had the opportunity to buy his house in Summerville, GA, where he lived when he had his vision from God to paint sacred art.

Howard Finster was nicer to me than anybody but my Mama, and restoring the Howard Finster Vision House Museum is the least I can do for my humble country, preacher, mentor.

The Howard Finster Vision House Museum is available for viewing by appointment. We are still working on our Bed and Breakfast which will be available to visitors soon.

You can have your name on the wall of the Howard Finster Vision House Museum in perpetuity for a donation of $120 or two days of labor.

Please give me a call for further information!

Thank you for your interest in my life’s work.


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