The Howard Finster Vision House Museum is happy to offer an opportunity for your Museum, Gallery or exhibit space to rent our touring collection.

There are approximately 100 pieces of art framed mostly in Howard Finster designed wood burn molding.

We ask that you insure the exhibit and pay for expenses, be responsible for a press release and promote the exhibit.

There are a series of signed limited edition silkscreens that can be offered for sale and a commission of sold pieces is offered.

The John Denton collection is also available. These are the creme de la creme of Howard Finster art works and this exhibit requires crated shipping and a bit more commitment on your part to safeguard, present and curate this exhibit.

Please contact me directly at for more information and rental fees.

Thank you,
David Leonardis

Michael Finster"s UFOs Over Chicago #5848 4.19.2012 6.75”x27.5”
Michael Finster"s UFOs Over Chicago #5848 4.19.2012 6.75”x27.5”

Limited Editions

Album Cover & Poster Art

Original Art


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